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TOSS 2019 – Rules

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    TOSS 2019 follows the PDGA “Official Rules of Disc Golf” ( https://www.pdga.com/rules/official-rules-disc-golf ) except:

    replace 802.06 B with:

    B.Alternatively, the player may mark the lie by flipping the thrown disc 180 degrees forward along the line connecting the front edge of the disc to the target in play; or, by placing a mini marker disc on the playing surface, touching the front of the thrown disc on the line of play. A mini marker disc is a small disc, not used in play, that complies with PDGA Technical Standards for mini marker discs.

    Replace 802.06 C with:

    C.When the thrown disc is not on the in-bounds playing surface, or when the lie is to be moved by rule, the player marks the lie by placing a mini marker disc in accordance with the applicable rule, or by placing a full size disc as though it were a mini marker disc in accordance with the applicable rule.

    Replace 813.01 F with:

    F.All discs used in play, except mini marker discs, should be uniquely marked. A player receives criticism for the throw of an unmarked disc. A player receives ridicule for the loss of an unmarked disc.

    TOSS 2019 also follows the Competition Manual Section 3 except:

    Replace 3.01 C with:

    The use of speakers to broadcast music/sound is strongly discouraged and forbidden unless explicitly agreed to by all members of your card. The use of headphones, restricting the audibility of music/sound to yourself, is allowed. A request by any competitor or official to stop broadcast of music/sound must result in the termination of broadcast. Failure to do so is a courtesy violation.

    Replace 3.01 D with:

    Animals are allowed only when explicitly agreed upon by all members of your card, AND where not restricted by policy/law/bylaw/regulations governing the use of the land upon which the event is occurring. Service animals are welcome at all times. It is strongly discouraged that animals accompany competing disc golfers.

    Delete 3.03 B ( 5 )

    Delete 3.03 C ( 4 )

    Delete 3.03 E

    Delete 3.04

    Delete 3.05 ( F )

    Delete 3.06 to 3.08.

    Ken DarcovichKen Darcovich

    Starting with TOSS2019[4], only ODGC members with paid up dues will have handicaps published.

    Anyone else is welcome to play TOSS, and will be given a zero handicap.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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