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TOSS 2019 [8] – June 18 18:15 – Kanata Short/Long

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    OSS 2019 [8] / QB Challenge 3.2
    June 18 at The Kanata Disc Golf Course.
    All disc golfers are welcome!
    Tournament Central is in the parking lot beside hole 9 basket, and
    The round starts at 18:15.
    Fees are $5
    Exact change appreciated.
    This week’s TD: TBD

    Details about TOSS 2019 [8]:
    The field is open to a maximum of 27 players. Pre-register to guarantee your spot!

    TOSS is operating an Ace Pool as a fundraiser for League Night Finals. $2.00 gets you in the pool, with $1.00 from each entry going to the fundraising efforts. Ace pools not won carry over to the following week’s TOSS event. The current payout value for the pool stands at $67.

    The Kanata DGC is located HERE

    If you haven’t paid for your 2019 ODGC membership yet, members of the ODGC executive committee will be on hand to receive your fees / dues at the Shire.

    Please note the following information regarding course layout and Out of Bounds:
    – Out of Bounds: On and over paved paths, on and over roads, in the parking lot, inside the ball diamond, on or inside the gravel track, inside the fence bounding the City of Ottawa building beside the parking lot.
    – 2 meter rule is not in effect.
    – The Tournament Director has announced “night play”, meaning discs with lights attached are legal for play.

    Starting with TOSS 4 this year, if you are not a current member of the ODGC (paid fees and dues, as appropriate), you will be assigned a handicap of 0.0 after your third TOSS event. You will play scratch golf against handicapped scores.

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    Reserved for Results


    Registered players:



    Unfortunately, I’ll be in Saint John, NB next Tuesday, and therefore unable to TD the event. I’m hoping that someone will volunteer to TD on my behalf. It’s an easy-peasy job. I’ll email you an excel spreadsheet where you capture buy-in and Raw scores, and it will automatically tell you the adjusted scores for payout purposes. Please let me know by PM or email (lissyssil at gmail) if you would like to have a taste of Tournament Direction.


    Ken DarcovichKen Darcovich

    I am willing to TD next week, but would do so with a paper and pencil instead of a laptop.

    If anyone else is keen to volunteer for this, I can be easily elbowed aside.

    Ken DarcovichKen Darcovich

    I’m IN.

    I will TD.


    I’m in and will be bringing these beauties with me!
    2019 ODGC Bagtags
    Get em while they’re hot!


    Brenda and I are in

    Ken DarcovichKen Darcovich

    Great TOSS evening, warm, blue skies, light wind, good turnout of 17 players including a few new faces.
    Welcome! to the new players.

    Given the benign conditions, there were some very good low scores shot.

    Congrats to the top four players who cashed, in order, Jon Lebrun, Daniel Silianu, Stephanie Clavel and Neil Foster.

    On the good news/bad news front, congratulations/condolences to Pat Duppa on aceing 9 shorts and not paying into the ace pot.


    rank player HC raw adjusted
    1 Jon Lebrun 6.74 44 37.26
    2 Daniel Silianu 8.40 46 37.60
    3 Stephanie Clavel 13.03 51 37.97
    4 Neil Foster 16.64 55 38.36
    5 Chris Landry 10.41 50 39.59
    6 Brenda Cox 19.55 61 41.45
    7 Chris Beaudoin 3.37 45 41.63
    8 Dave Milks 6.14 48 41.86
    9 Matt Berenbaum 11.30 54 42.70
    10 Ken Darcovich 3.13 48 44.87
    11 Stephanie Landry 16.20 63 46.80
    12 Pat Duppa 0.00 47 47.00
    13 Andrew Vallee 3.41 51 47.59
    14 Chris Bourne 2.15 50 47.85
    15 Mike Gadd 0.00 53 53.00
    16 Jason Landry 0.00 55 55.00
    17 Yuriy Kudinov 0.00 58 58.00

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