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The 19th ODGC Ice Bowl – February 8, 2020 – Larrimac Winter Disc Golf Course

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    Wicked J.Panties. What division does Dylan want to play?


    Added an email to the first post: ODGCIBTD@gmail.com (ODGC IB TD)


    Playing the same course as last year (to the best of our memory). Here was a run down from last year with some comments added this year:

    Hole 1

    A shorty downhill. From the back of the ball golf (BG) teebox backwards down the dirt cart path. Past the spruces on both sides to the open. Not a difficult one, but not a gimmie. Thinking a two is needed to compete.

    Hole 2

    The first par 4 of the day. From the back of the BG 9 green back towards the teeboxes of BG. Basket is on the side of the hill. The frickin snow around the green was very DEEEEEEP last year! Best to be in the middle off your drive. Road looks like it should be OB, but it’s not. The highway is OB. Nothing else.

    Hole 3

    The second par 4 of the day. A short par 4, but if you got an eagle 2, you’d be ecstatic. It feels a lot like the summer course 18. Kinda is. A 3 feels good, and a 4 is hang your head and wish you didn’t waste your mullies on the hole before

    Hole 4

    The Larrimac Signature Hole. Off the top tee box to the evergreens. The Plaid Jacket Bytown Big-time hole 1. It’s a ways down there (I can’t get there in the winter, but fly past in the summer)

    Hole 5

    A slight uphill chuck to a nicely wood-guarded green. We throw along the road, and the roads would make a fun OB, but NO OB FOR YOU! (to be said like the Soup Nazi)

    Hole 6

    Another classic Larrimac green; under the pine. And a classic Larrimac tee. I love this hole. And one of these days I’m going to make a putt on it. And a year later the last sentence maintains the same amount of truth.

    Hole 7

    Another slight uphill shot with an insanely guarded green. Fire back up towards the non-OB road. The huge spruce will not be fun to putt from, so don’t go in there. I’m sure the tree growth will only make it more exciting

    Hole 8

    The Abyss.

    Hole 9

    Maybe the biggest walk to a tee and I apologize. If I was thinking I would have dropped the tee closer to 8’s green. But I didn’t. And the same throw as last year. Justin threw a flick to 30′ on Saturday. Awesome.

    Hole 10

    Not the same hole as we love, but a much easier walk to the tee in the metre of snow out there. The green is still in it’s nasty place (this is the green of the old Plaid temp course 10 too!)

    Hole 11

    This is for the short players out there. Very low ceiling and no option to hyzer around. Skip-it-baby!

    Hole 12

    Back to the parking lot. Wonderful green-bump with several hit-u-down branches on the way. Remember, NO OB FOR YOU!


    Brenda and I are in.

    Brenda will get back to you on what we’re bringing for the potluck


    Dylan would like Amateur division: Above Freezing


    Wicked. Thanks Champ.

    Baby, I got you and Brenda


    So, just so we’re clear… We can send tournament fees here: ODGCIBTD@gmail.com

    And we send membership dues here: odgctransactions@gmail.com

    steve rydellsteve rydell

    I’m in. I’ll make cupcakes again.

    Put me in warm blooded


    “So, just so we’re clear… We can send tournament fees here: ODGCIBTD@gmail.com

    And we send membership dues here: odgctransactions@gmail.com” – colin


    ODGC-transactions is monitored by the Club

    ODGC-IB-TD is monitored by me, the TD


    Got you Svets

    Tricky DeeTricky Dee

    Ok, I’m in. Stoked. I can give you cash tomorrow if that works. How does lamb stew sound? I’ll need a plug.


    Yes you can. And you did. As did Svets and Claus-e

    Whoot whoot!

    And lamb stew sounds pretty crazy. We’ll get you a plug


    Wicked banner and poster! Thank you!

    Now we look official


    Tricky, I put you in the only age protected division

    Tricky DeeTricky Dee

    Whatever you think. I wasnt sure how that worked.

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