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Plaid 2019 – Larrimac Disc Golf Course

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    The 2019 Plaid Jacket will be played on the 18 hole Larrimac Disc Golf Course.

    Tees will be flagged

    The Plaid Division will play two rounds of Yellows

    Juniors will play Reds

    All other divisions will play Blues


    White-Ball Greens

    On and over residential roads (**NOT cart paths**)

    The highway

    On or under any building

    We’ll do our best to mark any iffie spots

    Plaid Division 2nd Round Rules

    On every hole, EXCEPT 16, Short-Grass Hazard — All White-Ball Fairways are a hazard – play from where it lies, 1 stroke penalty
    There is distinct line where the grass is cut to the fairway length grass and their rough.



    Ken DarcovichKen Darcovich

    Question about penalties:

    Suppose a disc lands on a putting green, via the white-ball short grass, when the short grass is playing as a hazard.

    How should this situation be handled in terms of penalties assessed, and post-throw lie ??


    Landing on a ball golf green is always OB and would be treated as a regular OB; take it from where it left the IB area, up to a metre perpendicular to the OB line. One stroke penalty.

    No other penalty would be incurred.


    Interested in video coverage of the super 6 again?


    Always. Thanks Mister Paw.


    Last year’s coverage: https://youtu.be/TMyAcY46z5w


    Ha. Double freakin bogie. Can’t hit the island. Sheesh. But now I remember all the holes. Will be making the tweaks…


    Am I the only one who feels plaid division should be playing the “All White-Ball Fairways are a hazard” rules for both rounds? 😀

    Ken DarcovichKen Darcovich

    >> Am I the only one who feels plaid division should be playing the “All White-Ball Fairways are a hazard” rules for both rounds? 😀

    not really, but I don’t have strong feelings about it, and I see arguments both ways:

    one round of non-hazard & one round of hazard: get your PLAID head around this gear shift

    two rounds of hazard: this is simply more demanding


    I’m with Colin, at least for the MPO division.


    Lemons and Lollipops

    Lemons – things you didn’t like about the Plaid course
    Lollipops – things you liked about the Plaid course



    Group of 3 MPO behind group of 6 Juniors. Just didn’t work out very well.
    Number 2 needs a trim to open up some shots. Not much but some
    OB in second round. I found it hard to judge the majority of my shots and threw a lot with the hope that I’d be inbounds. Familiarity will help this. If it’s to stay I think more flags could help. I didn’t like the second round version of the course as a result as it felt like a lot of squeeze it in on right side or throw to wide open left
    Slightly tighter schedule?


    It’s the Plaid. It’s always fun.
    Property is great, course is great, venue is great! It’s just great!
    Thank you to all that make this happen!

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 8 months ago by AxelAxel.

    I really liked the hazard rule and the way it was implemented.  I thought it added a lot to shot selection and strategy. 
    I think the sand bunkers could be added to the hazard areas. A few of the bunkers are right at the “should I…” distance.


    It’s hard to separate what I felt about the course in general and how I would have like to see it in the future to help my game. But here goes…

    First off, flow is way better! so, great job on that, I only remember 1 small backup all day.

    I really like the added hazards in round 2, and do feel that they should be there the whole time. I feel, like madam, that the sand traps could also be played as a hazard.

    I really liked the extra effort of marking OB and hazards. It helped and was a great visual help.

    I think the finals needs a bit more excitement and scoring separators. I mean, of course I wanted that because I was coming from behind, but even if you watch last years coverage, it was the same thing. It used to be like that in past years before we came to Larrimac.

    I also like it when the course has some tweaks, adjustments, changes that are only on the day of the tournament. Could be a tee pad change, a pin placement change, or even a new hole. I like these, because it helps keep things dynamic and adds some challenges to the people who already know the course really well. I used to look forward to these holes at the old JCP days. Little island holes! 🙂

    All other feedback I’ve had about the course I gave earlier in the year and was happy to see a few of those ideas happened.

    Great job on the course guys!

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