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    Did it happen?
    How’d it go?
    Who was on our team?
    Any results?


    It happened. It was a long day. We lost.

    It was my first time out… Team was as follows:

    Chrispy (Beau)
    Mike (Madame)

    We played 3 rounds of 9 holes (4 matches/points for each round). After those 3 rounds we were up 7-5.

    Then we played 1 round of 18 holes ( 8 singles matches). And this is where we (me) could have did better, we lost 5-3 in that round.

    So, we were tied 10-10 after all the matches. I was really upset and frustrated with my last match, could and should have won, I felt. So, I asked Beau to put me into the tie breaker. It was a sudden death format starting on hole 18. MTL picked Julien Quenville. We went through 6 sudden death playoffs holes until I went OB on the 6th hole from a bad lie.

    I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about the day. It was my first Pelican, and I want that cup, very badly. It was a really fun day. But also very disappointing.

    Great team members and great job by Beau and co-captains running the day.

    That’s about it, I think…


    Thanks for the write-up, Captain Colin! I’d just like to add some more colour.

    It was a great day at the Ettyville, and the weather held off nicely for us.

    The course was in immaculate shape. John and helpers put a ton of work into it for the OO and the Pelican and it showed greatly.

    We had a rock-solid Ottawa team that came out to multiple practices, and everyone contributed to team strategy and pairings.

    After the first 27 holes of team play, we had MTL on the ropes with a 2-point lead going into the matchplay singles. But those magnificent bastards fought hard and battled back. After two cards finished the singles play, we were up 10 – 6, and Montreal won the remaining 4 matches to tied it up 10 – 10.

    Since there were no tied singles matches we had to nominate one player to go slog it out with MTL’s chosen champion. I’d like to say we chose a champion, but it wasn’t so much a choice as Colin was still foaming at the mouth from his closely contested singles match. He volunteered as tribute and had an incredible, 6-hole sudden death battle with Julien from MTL. And not that it needs to be built up more, but Colin made one of the nicest disc golf shots I’ve ever seen when he drove into Sheila’s garden on the first hole of the playoff, parking himself 15-feet from the basket from an impossible lie.

    In the end, someone had to win and Julien was able to stay clean to take the W. It was a glorious day of disc got, not soon to be forgotten.

    The fire is generously stoked for next year.

    And to cap it off, Julien and Colin were both selected as Pelican captains for their respective teams.

    So stay tuned for the Pelican Cup 2020 where Colin and Juju will do battle once again!

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    Oh well. Better luck next year.

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