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Open Discussion – Why Aren't YOU Playing TOSS on Tuesdays?

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    Club members/Guests:

    The ODGC’s TOSS (The Ottawa Strokeplay Series) has seen a 40% decrease in player rounds so far this year. We’re halfway through the season, and have had 105 player rounds, compared to 174 at this point last year.

    My question to you, as the Coordinator/Series Director:

    Why aren’t you playing as much TOSS as you did last year? Is it you? Is it the series? Is it the club? Is it the courses? Is it the day of the week?

    What can I do as the Series Director to get you back into the game?

    Your thoughts and opinions would be greatly appreciated.


    Mountain, Almonte, Shire, and even Kanata can be very difficult to get to on time after work from where I am (Chelsea). Always down for Camp Fortune and Larrimac.

    I also think Camp Fortune’s current state might be to blame for some missing rounds. Even our course setup event last year had 20+ people. This year it was just 3 of us with the limited course (9 holes). I also remember TOSS events at CF having 5+ cards each time last season. As someone mentioned on Facebook, “Make Camp Fortune Great Again.” Sadly, we can’t right now.

    Thank you Mark for coordinating TOSS again. I always have fun.


    Shire nights have been pretty sparse too this year.

    I think some (past) regulars just got other things going on this summer, for various reasons

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    kids. And I do hyzernaughts on wednesdays. Plus, I could never get to tuesday’s in the last 10-15 years anyways 🙂


    I’ve taken a more recreational approach to my golf this year and hence have been playing more at the Shire. Plus getting two “kitchen” passes (as Ken calls them) on back to back nights is tough. I have also been travelling more for work this spring and my golf outings have taken a hit from that.

    Thanks again for all you do Mark and it would be great to see the numbers up again.

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    BC i work 10 to 6. Coming to an end soon.


    Bring back the SIN card.

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    …I am just playing way less golf these days.
    I love having TOSS available but I am playing much less so my attendance has been lacking…


    Footprint for courses too wide week to week. And work commitments. Those are my reasons.

    TOSS used to be played on one course as I remember though this was some years back.

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