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Introducing the Ottawa Disc Golf Junior League

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    I’m super excited to announce that this spring, I’ll be kicking off the Ottawa Disc Golf Junior League.

    The Format:
    Once a week, I’ll be running a practice and game event. With the help of Dylan, I’ll have stations setup for Putting and Field work. And then after the practice, we’ll play some different types of games where the juniors can put some of the practice to work.

    For my convenience, I’ll be running this league out of the Gardenway course.

    It’s aimed for anyone under the age of 18. And, obviously, in the early days, attendance will probably by low.

    The Plan:
    – Find a night that Gardenway is available. (it might have to be weekends, because there’s always soccer and baseball going on)
    – Each participant will get a putter, mid-range and a driver (will place order with DareDevil)
    – Find a price point that makes sense. Most likely, it will simply be the cost of the discs.
    – Look for sponsors to help pay for advertising, merchandise, discs and portable targets.

    Have some ideas or want to help out? Message me here or email me: cmcdonaldca@gmail.com


    Thanks to those that have reached out. We have our first sponsors: Lone Pine Disc Golf, and the Ettyville Super Spin Disc Golf Course.

    Also, I’ve thought that I will need insurance for these kids. And probably the best way is to ensure that their fees make them ODGC members so that they can get on the ODSA Insured list. Does this make sense Ken?

    Additionally, I’m looking for alternate name ideas. I’m not in love with this name. A few ideas:

    – Orleans Disc Golf League
    – East Ottawa Disc Golf League
    Or maybe something not location based?

    – United Disc Golf League
    – Timber Trimmer Disc Golf League (in honour of the roots of ottawa)
    – etc etc give me ideas

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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