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Indoor Putting League

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    Wednesday Nights @ 6:00 PM
    Vincent Massey Public School – 745 Smyth Rd, Ottawa, ON K1G 1N9 – Google Maps

    The Format

    Random Draw Doubles Format
    All registered players will be randomized into teams of two.

    If there’s an uneven number of players registered, an organizer may join in, or there might be a lone wolf (Cali). Decisions will be made at the time of the event.

    Cost and Payout
    The cost is $8 per player

    The top ~ 30% of teams will be paid out, splits are favourable to winning teams. Minimum prize is your entrance fee paid back.

    Example Payouts:
    4-6 teams – We pay out the top team
    7-9 teams – We pay out top two teams
    10 teams – We pay out the top three teams

    The Putting Lane
    A putting lane consists of two opposing baskets 30′ apart. **Note that it’s inside the “circle” – jump putts are not allowed**

    There are two teams per lane (4 players), one player on each basket (two players on each side, teammates on opposite baskets).

    The first team to throw will be decided on by disc flip; the winning team can choose which member of their team goes first. This order must remain constant for the entire match to ensure innings are tracked correctly.

    Each inning consists of both teams alternating throws from one basket to the other, Team 1 throws, then Team 2 throws. Then the team members from the other side throw. After all four players have thrown, the inning is complete. The teams then switch sides, and the next inning begins.

    Each player throws two putters, four putts per team per inning.

    – Get one putt in, and it’s 1 point.
    – Get two putts in, and it’s 3 points

    The first team to 11 wins, they must win by 2 and complete the inning.

    A team can surrender if they cannot get within 1 point of the winning team with their remaining throws. For example, if Team 2 reaches 11 with a score of 11 – 6, and Team 1 only has one turn left in the inning, they can’t catch up and can surrender the inning and game to Team 2.

    Odd Team Bye
    If there is an uneven number of teams, one team will get a bye each round. Except for the first round, bye teams are automatically chosen based on being in the losing half of the bracket (only teams with losing records will be selected). The bye team will get a free win.

    Rounds and Score Reporting
    There will be five rounds to determine the top 2 teams. We use the Challonge Swiss Bracket system to record wins and set up future matches.

    Matches are determined based on the night’s performance, as the scoring system we use calculates based on wins, losses and difficulty of opponents.

    If two teams are tied in record AND tiebreak score (as determined by the difficulty of opponents faced), there will be a last chance qualifier tiebreaker.

    Last Chance Qualifier Round
    Any teams tied for second (or third/fourth when there are 10+ teams) will playoff in a “down and back” round.

    Each team gets their own lane, so one lane per team. Each player from the team will line up on the SAME side of the basket. They putt, their teammate putts, they putt, their teammate putts. Scoring is the same as a round (3pts for 2, 1pt for 1). Then they both shoot back, for a maximum of 12 points.

    The team with the most points moves on to the Championship Round. If teams are tied after coming back, go down and back until the tie is broken.

    Championship Round
    The top two teams (or top 4 teams when they’re at 10+ teams) will face off in center court, using the same rules as in the rounds – except the game ends at 15 instead of 11.

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    Huh. My daughter does QB training at VM on Wednesdays.

    Tricky DeeTricky Dee

    Have fun tonight. Cant make it this week but hope to soon


    For all of you old farts who lost to Dylan last night, I took it to him at the Shlockey board. He’s been put into his place

    Kid – 1
    Old farts – 1

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