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Ice League 2018-2019 Overview

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    Ice League 2018-2019 – INFORMATION

    Who: Anyone can play.

    When: Every Saturday leading up to the 2019 Ottawa Ice Bowl.

    Time: Varies, depending on the course

    Where: Different courses and different layouts. Some old, some new.

    Format: Best-disc doubles, Doubles teams will be pre-selected at random between two sets of players; “pro� and “ams”. If you win with one partner, say goodbye to their services for the year, as winnings partners are not paired again.

    The goal of Ice League is to have fun in the cold, stay in form for next season, and to add to the value of our donation to the Ice Bowl’s charity, the Ottawa Food Bank.


    $5 entry + 1 Mulligan
    $10 entry + 4 Mulligans
    $15 entry + 6 Mulligans*

    *: Max of 6 used per league event.


    Definition: A mulligan is a stroke that is replayed from the spot of the previous stroke without penalty, due to an errant shot made on the previous stroke.

    – A mulligan used negates your previous shot from being used.
    – When using a mulligan it must be verbally declared to the rest of the group.
    – Mulligans can be given or “pooled” between partners.
    – Only a maximum of 6 mulligans can be purchased thus a maximum of 12 per team. (So in theory one partner can hold 12 mulligans but where’s the fun in that?)
    – Once your lie has been picked up or you and your partner both walk off the teepad you cannot use a mulligan.
    -NEW: Mulligans are now tracked on the scorecard by team.

    Cali (California Doubles)

    In the event that there is an odd number of players in attendance for an IL event Ben will play cali.
    Cali doubles format: The player playing cali may take an extra shot on every 2nd shot until the hole is finished. The player may not start their next hole with two shots if they have finished the previous hole with two shots (or putts rather).
    ex. Player A takes 2 drives, 1 approach and takes 2 tries to putt out on hole 1. On hole 2 Player A can take only 1 drive, uses 2 approach shots and has one putt. (alternatively Player A may elect to use 1 approach shot on hole 2 to have 2 putts to finish)

    Black Ace For Charity:
    For $2 you get to toss at the black ace basket when you throw from the tee of the assigned hole. Note this throw does not replace your drive it is in addition to your normal drive on the hole. If you get it in the basket you win half the pot. If you FAIL to get it in the ring you OWE $2 to the pot. You MAY use mulligans to throw again but every mulligan you use cuts your share of the pot by half.

    Payouts are calculated as being 1/2 of the cash received at registration. The number of teams and size of payout will determine the breakdown.

    Any questions regarding Ice League or Ice Bowl? Post here or PM Ben.

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