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Ice Leagu|ALCOVE| Jan 4, 2020 |Early start 11 am.

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    steve rydellsteve rydell

    This week we will be Heading to Quebec to play the infamous Alcove! This is a favourite of location for Ice league. As Geoff has mentioned: RIBBON YOUR DISCS!. There may be not much snow but there a lot of long and blind shots Do everyone a favour and ribbon.

    Carpooling would also be advised and you want to have winter tires to get to Stacie’s parent’s place. You can park at the bottom of the hill if you don’t want to risk the climb.

    Registration is at 10:30
    Tee offs will start at 11:00

    This is the house we are going to:

    Here are some old directions which may not be that current but will help you find your way
    Address for Google maps/GPS usage; 44 chemin Echo Dale, la P�che, QC

    Get on Highway 5 as if you were heading to Camp Fortune but don�t exit at Old Chelsea,
    instead continue until the end of HWY 5 where there is a T intersection with a set of lights turn left on to HWY 105N.

    Stay on this highway (the 105 north) until it ends where you will merge taking a right onto Chemin Maclaren the 105 bypass that takes you around Wakefield. At the first set of lights you will take a left back onto the HWY 105.

    You’re back on the 105 heading north and the highway eventually splits into a four-lane and up ahead, looming on the left, you will see a massive sandpit. Turn left onto the dirt road (Chemin Echo Dale) when you get to the pit. Stacie’s driveway is the first driveway on the right, which is half a click from the highway.

    It is a long driveway, and you can’t see the house until the end of the driveway
    (if you have 4 wheel drive you might like to use it now). Park when you get to the house.


    What have I been saying! We’re going to Alcove!

    There’s more snow up there than in the city. Ribbon your frickin discs! Do it now. Make it the first good decision of the Soaring Twenties. (see what I did there?)


    Gobbles says it’s winter out there. Ribbon your discs


    Snowshoes beneficial?


    Gobbles says the walking out there isn’t the best. I’m wearing shoes. But I’ve been itching the whole season

    Tricky DeeTricky Dee

    like this?

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    Early start tomorrow morning ladies and gents. It’s about a 45 minute drive. Plan accordingly


    Just like that De-ess!

    Purple ribbon is a good choice for colour too!


    Beautiful day out there on Saturday. So lucky to be able to play on that property

    Tricky DeeTricky Dee

    It was a beautiful day! Killer course too!

    Thanks to the hosts and to Ben for organizing . . .

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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