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Hyzernaughts Fundraiser Discs

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    Hey everyone,

    I could really use your help here! I have a bunch of discs for sale that will help with the costs of the Hyzernaughts program.

    Take a look at the spreadsheet on this webpage: http://hyzernaughts.ca/fundraiser-discs-for-sale/

    There’s lot’s of molds available and some the I got just because I know many of you like to throw them: Rhinos and Rocs!

    Also, there are many Molds ONLY AVAILABLE HERE, because they are Fundraiser molds. Champion Colour GLOW Fundraiser molds.

    I’ll try to be at league this week and most likely will be at the Mudslide. Also, you can e-transfer me right away to reserve your discs before they disappear!

    So, take a look at that spread sheet and email me.

    Thanks for your support,


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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