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Falling Colours – Saturday November 2nd, 2019

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    Avatarmike mccormick

    FALLING COLOURS – Saturday November 2nd, 2019 – Camp Fortune


    10 am Tee-Time
    Registration 9:30, by hole 18
    Cost $20

    It’s two rounds of eighteen holes. 1st round from shorts. 2nd round from longs. 2nd round cards determined by 1st round scores. Playing for prizes by card in the 2nd round. If there is enough pre-registration, we could look at breaking this into pros and ams, if not, then same format as the last 10 years or so.

    Note, we will be playing the full 18, holes 1 – 8 in the ground plus old holes 9 to 18 using portable baskets. If there is workers/construction occurring on the Saturday, we may need to move a hole or 2. If you have a metal basket you could bring, let me know, otherwise we have the cloth portables.

    Additional CTPs/longest putt, ring of fire etc.

    $3 of each registration goes to the club (ODGC). The remainder goes towards prizes.

    Registration at 09:30. Players meeting 09:45. Tournament usually finishes between 4pm and 5pm.

    Note round 2 starts 20 – 30 minutes after when the last card from round 1 is finished. This does not allow time to go to town for lunch so best bring one.

    Please post here or PM me (Mike McCormick)

    SIGN UP:

    Justin Correia
    Mike McCormick
    Dylan MacDonald
    Tyler Lambert
    Daniel Michel
    Chris Beaudoin
    Chris Landry
    Jarred Linthorne
    Kyle Fisher
    Corey Becanic
    Patrick Duppa
    John Pytel
    Rob Hale
    Mike Adams
    Eric Vinet
    David Milks
    Rob Hale
    Rick Goguen
    Gabe Senecal
    Dave Waithe
    Brenda Cox
    Chris Bourne
    Aslak Kappel Hansen




    Dylan and Tyler Lambert are in. Tyler had so much fun at the plaid he couldn’t wait to get back out.

    I will not be able to make it.


    I can also lend two metal portables.


    falling colours

    AvatarJarred Linthorne

    I am planning to be there! I can more than likely bring a metal basket as well.



    Avatarmike mccormick

    Baskets for Falling Colours

    For everyone who said they can bring baskets, we can assign a hole so when you arrive, you can set the basket(s) up. If the gate is open, holes 17, 14, 10, 11, 12 and 13 are easily accessed. We will want a good basket at hole 18 for ring of fire etc. If we can get this worked out before Saturday AM, one less thing to do then. We will move hole 9 from its current placement to the CF-18 placement. I have the club portable cloth baskets for holes we cannot get metal ones for.

    10 –
    11 – Colin/Dylan
    12 – Colin/Dylan
    13 – Justin
    14 –
    15 –
    16 –
    17 –
    18 – Chris L

    David MilksDavid Milks

    Hi Mike,

    Please add me to the list of registrants. I’ll see everyone on Saturday.

    David Milks


    Chris Morrison and I are in please, Mike. Thanks.

    Matt Huhta



    Avatarmike mccormick

    I will be up at the hill at 8:45 around hole 18 if anyone wants to meet me and help with setting up the portables.


Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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