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2019 Plaid Jacket – Tournament information and Registration list

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    Celebrate Ottawa’s Disc Golf Community at the 22nd Annual PLAID JACKET
    This year it is being held at the Larrimac Golf & Tennis Club in Chelsea, QC on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 29th, 2019

    2019 Plaid Flyer

    7:00-8:00 – Set up
    8:00-9:00 – Registration (Club House)
    9:00-9:15 – Players Meeting (Club House)
    9:30-12:00 – Round #1 (18 holes)
    12:00-1:00 – LUNCH Provided (Club House)
    1:00-4:00 – Round #2 (18 holes)
    4:30-6:00 – Bytown Broker Big-Time 6 Finals (Gallery)
    6:00-6:30 – Ring of Fire*
    7:00 – Awards Ceremony (Club House)

    *RoF will occur if there are any additional prizes that remain
    Division breakdown:

    The Plaid Jacket Division $60 (+$5 for non-ODGC members)

    The Open Division. This division is for a Plaid Jacket. This division is for the more competitive golfers in the region and is open to all who wish to play.
    They will play the Yellow tees. Being able to throw +300′ is a must to really enjoy the course designed.

    The Women’s Division $50 (+$5 for non-ODGC members)

    The only gender specific division at The Plaid. The winner will be receiving a Plaid Jacket and be a Plaid Champion. The women will play the Blue tees.

    The AM Division $50 (+$5 for non-ODGC members)

    The AM division (also known as AM2) is a competitive division for golfers who want to enjoy The Plaid Experience on a course designed for their skill level.
    An ODGC Member with a handicap >10 might be considering this division. The AM division will play the Blue tees all Plaid Sunday.

    The Junior Division $30 (#growthesport)

    The under 16 division. It made a reappearance last year and here’s hoping the tradition will stay. They will play the Red tees all day.

    The Participation Division $50 ($5 for non-ODGC members)

    For those who would like to play the course but not take score.
    This division is for fun only and does not award a winner but is included in the amateur CTPs. They will play the Blue tees all day.

    Registered Players:

      The Plaid Jacket Division

    Andrew Vallee
    Rob Wormald
    Geoff Penton
    Jeff Lariviere
    Jon Lebrun
    Ken Darcovich
    Ken Lange
    Reggie McGrath
    Serge Seguin
    Andrew Kauffmann
    Colin McDonald
    Justin Correia
    Carl Visser
    Don Lane
    Patrick Henry
    Claus Reitlingshoefer
    Matthew Berenbaum
    Geoff Rowland
    Chris Beaudoin
    Gavin Schnobb
    Dave Stubbert
    Mike Adams
    Eric Vinet

      The Women’s Division

    Stephanie Clavel
    Stacie Sivyer

      The Amateur Division

    Rob Hale
    Derek McMaster
    Al Colantonio
    Chris Keates
    Gilles Despaties
    Jason King
    Dietrich Sider
    Micheal Davidson
    Cameron McDermaid
    Dylan McDonald
    Sean Fereis
    Thomas Lilly
    Matt Huhta
    Ross Henry
    Corey Becanic
    Chris Landry

      The Participation Division

    Ben Svetkoff
    Jamie Oastler

      The Junior Division

    Alec McLeod
    Ryan McLeod
    Josh Lavoie
    Diego Navarro
    Max Penton

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    Plaid Jacket House Rules

    The Larrimac Golf and Tennis Club have been kind enough to let us all enjoy the Plaid Jacket at their facility. There are a few special rules in place to ensure that we are welcomed back to this amazing golf course. Please respect them at all times.

    House Rules

    • No outside alcohol allowed on the course, clubhouse or parking lot.
    Alcohol can purchased from the bar inside Larrimac as well as the beverage cart.

    • No cleats

    • No pets

    • No music on the course

    • Sand traps are to be avoided and raked if entered

    • Greens are O.B. and to be avoided.
    (Do not throw overhand or spiking throws around the greens)

    • Water Traps are O.B. Your discs can be retrieved but DO NOT enter the water

    • Disc marks must be replaced

    • Carts are to stay on the cart path or driven 90 degree on the fairways as much as possible

    Frost – Unfortunately if there is frost on the ground the morning of the Plaid we are not able to be on the course at all until the frost is gone. This means no walking the course or warming up on the grass. This is very important; walking on the grass will damage it. This may mean the starting time will be delayed because of frost.


    Plaid please.


    I’m in.


    Add Max to the list. Please and thank you.

    AvatarThe Don

    Please add me to the Plaid list.

    While I’m there at the tournament, I will also be able to accept registrations for Le Phé-NOMININGUE so that you can save yourselves some PayPal and Disc Golf Scene fees.

    Full info on this two-day big cash PDGA A/B event can be found on the registration site:

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    AvatarHyzer Meister

    In for the Plaid

    AvatarMatthew Berenbaum




    As a way of giving back, The Hyzernaughts will be running the CTPs, one for each division during both rounds of the plaid jacket. We want to show our appreciation to the ODGC and it’s members for helping us get started earlier this year.

    AvatarEric Vinet

    I’m in!




    Registration list has been updated on the first post.

    Thank you all for the support.

    Extra special thanks to the Hyzernauts for their support with CTPs.


    Going to bring the Lone Pine gear and get a table set up. Check Facebook too see what items we have available. Taking pre payments for any items you wish to have set aside and picked up on Sunday. Thanks!


    Brenda and I are in


    Congrats to Big Daddy Penton, Steph and Dylan!

    Penton: You played very well and hit the putts when you needed too. You got into some trouble at times (like we all did) but you recovered quickly and didn’t let it last. Congrats! Especially after you injury, something to be really proud of.

    Steph and Dylan: First nationals, now this!?! Wow! great job!

    Big thanks the Andros and all his volunteers for running this awesome event once again!

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