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2019 Canadian Disc Golf Championships in PEI

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    Hot on the heels of the most successful disc golf event Canada has ever played host to, the Maritime Disc Golf Association is pleased to announce that we have been asked to host again in 2019!

    The event will take place from Sept 6-8 back on Prince Edward Island. We will be using both the Hillcrest Farm and Huck It Disc golf golf courses for the main event.

    We will feature a much better players party (at a new location to be announced soon), three Flex Starts at three different courses, and a Champs vs Chumps rematch.

    We will be making some updates available in the next few weeks including our week long calendar.

    If you were lucky enough to attend this year you will know how amazing this week is going to be, and if you weren’t you certainly don’t want to miss out two years in a row.

    Just ask around to those who took in our 2018 epic event and know we are aiming to be even better in 2019! Happy disc golfing everybody. We will talk again soon.

    Check out the Central Coast Disc Golf coverage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2x1Bpje7jM&t=1014s as well as this awesome video from Alyssa Van Lanen. big grin


    AvatarThe Don

    The first big day of 2019 is here! As of 8pm AST tonight (7pm EST) registration will be open for this year’s Canadian National Championship, driven by Innova. We know it will be hard to top 2018 but every thought we have is aimed to do just that. We will have more Flex Start events at more courses, more food, a better players party, and still more to come as the months fly by. If you joined us last year, you’ll already know why this is a must do for disc golf events in Canada. If you weren’t lucky enough to be a part of the crowd last year, (Pros: https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/34385 Ams: https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/34417 ) here is your chance to come see the best of what this country has to offer.

    The main event will still feature Prince Edward Island’s two current courses, the 5-star John Houck designed Hillcrest Farm Disc Golf Course https://hillcrestfarmpei.com/discgolf/, as well as the new kid on the block and local fan favorite Huck It Disc Golf Course. Both courses played beautifully last year and should be considered some of the most challenging disc golf courses in the country. Not only that but each course owner has listened to the player’s feedback and made modest improvements on their courses to make them even better and really what more can you ask for! In addition to these two gems we will be adding a brand new 18-hole course that aims to keep up with standard set for disc golf on the Island. The brand-new course at BarNone Brewery https://barnone.beer/ is set to do just that, with a local craft brewery on site beside it, making it the perfect place for a Flex Start C-Tier and a player’s party to remember. The Saturday night party will feature side competitions for putting, driving and a special CTP along with lots of the local things that make the Maritimes wonderful.

    We also have a fantastic early check in spot at the Beer Gardens http://beergardenpei.com/ in downtown Charlottetown that is worth the trip into the city. We strongly suggest you all attend as this year we will feature a Pro Q & A immediately following the welcome and players meeting from our TD.

    This is our first year with Innova as our title sponsor as well as our first time using DGU for all our registration needs. Just know that you do not need to have an account to sign up, but all players playing in the professional divisions in the A-Tier side must have their PDGA memberships https://www.pdga.com/membership current for the 2019 season. For a direct link to the registration please click here: discgolfunited.com/2019_Canadian_Nationals We have caps on all divisions, so you’ll want to register quickly to ensure that you get one of the spots in your preferred division.

    Here is a look at the Hillcrest Farm DGC that was posted up on YouTube on Christmas Day for your pleasure: Champs vs Chumps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVNZR8Nauyk&t=173s featuring two of the world’s most aggressive players, Simon Lizotte & Paige Pierce. They make an exciting team out on the course!

    Check back in to our website http://www.mdga.ca or our Facebook pages for more updates as they become available. Until then get those disc golf beach bodies ready for 2019!

    If you are asked during the registration process what the registration code is, enter: MDGA2019


    Who else from the club is going this year? Any other interest in the deep sea fishing that is being offered?


    Dylan and I will be there. We’re staying close to Hillcrest (2KM away).

    No time for deep sea fishing, so much disc golf! 🙂

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