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Reply To: The 19th ODGC Ice Bowl – February 8, 2020 – Larrimac Winter Disc Golf Course

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I started writing this Monday, but life came up quickly, so here’s the post:

What a great day, and we actually had the better weekend day. It was pretty fricken cold Sunday morning.

Congrats to the winners. There were some sweet scores out there on Saturday. If the same course is kept next year, we should put a bounty on a sub-30 round. Sub 30 on a sub 30 day.

Big thanks to Daredevil for their flexibility in making discs. Our donated stamp is getting a lot of mileage and without knowing that the IB trophies just show up IB morning, I had 4 drivers stamped for the winners. Most disc makers won’t allow the variety and choice that we get from Wah and Mike. Plus, all the donated prizes!

Thanks to Dandy Don for the donated Alberta French Prodigys. Max can’t wait to throw his.

Thanks to Beau for the front page poster and the title poster. Awesome.

Big thanks to Justin for his social media presence. If I was younger and cooler I’d be hip to his jive.

HUGE thanks to Phil and the Larrimagic he provides. It’s an incredible venue for this event. The combination of terrain variety, warm and inviting place to hang out, full washroom access, parking, a community feel, a bar, power for our lunches… It really is unmatched.

The lunch was incredible as always. I had lamb stew at a disc golf event. And then made my own cupcake!?!?

Funny story of the day? When Max and I were installing the course at 7:45, we were putting on our snowshoes at the edge of the parking lot and a snow-removal dude was doing his thing in the lot with his beater of a pick-up with a shovel on the front. He was backing up, getting ready to take another run, when he slammed it into drive and whipped out of the parking lot and raced down the road. We look back up the parking lot and it looks like he killed a deer and then dragged it across the snow. Turns out it was transmission fluid. Big red line all the way to the storage sheds.

Best part of the story? All the disc golfers used the red line as a parking line and all lined up against it. Perfect.

Thanks for coming out all winter to support the league and our cause. I’m sure for most of us, the Saturday rounds get us out in the weather, whether we want to or not. Thanks for coming out to the Ice Bowl and spending the day at Larrimac.

Thanks for supporting our charity event for the Ottawa Food Bank. I’ll get the numbers finalized after this Sunday’s event at the Shire.

I was home and in the garage for 4:20. I think we ran a pretty smooth event.

(for those interested in becoming the TD of what might be the second longest running event in Ottawa, you not only get Ben-e and a Geoff, but you get it Max’d)