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Avoid ribbon disappointment and start the process today.

Step 1 – Bring your discs indoors. Give them time to warm up to room temperature. Tape sticks better and maintains it’s stickiness than with adhering to a cold plastic.

Step 2 – Ribbon’em. Get your choice of tape and ribbon and stick the ribbon to your disc. There’s a variety of ways and type of tape to use that players claim is the best. They’re all wrong.

Step 3 – Put your discs outdoors. Once they’re ribboned put them back in the garage. Give the plastic time to get cold again. Warm discs allow the snow to adhere to them. It’s going to be sticky snow.

Or ribbon them when you get to the course (If Donald is coming, he always has supplies for the forgetful) cause there’s going to be a lot of area to look for discs on Saturday.