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It’s hard to separate what I felt about the course in general and how I would have like to see it in the future to help my game. But here goes…

First off, flow is way better! so, great job on that, I only remember 1 small backup all day.

I really like the added hazards in round 2, and do feel that they should be there the whole time. I feel, like madam, that the sand traps could also be played as a hazard.

I really liked the extra effort of marking OB and hazards. It helped and was a great visual help.

I think the finals needs a bit more excitement and scoring separators. I mean, of course I wanted that because I was coming from behind, but even if you watch last years coverage, it was the same thing. It used to be like that in past years before we came to Larrimac.

I also like it when the course has some tweaks, adjustments, changes that are only on the day of the tournament. Could be a tee pad change, a pin placement change, or even a new hole. I like these, because it helps keep things dynamic and adds some challenges to the people who already know the course really well. I used to look forward to these holes at the old JCP days. Little island holes! 🙂

All other feedback I’ve had about the course I gave earlier in the year and was happy to see a few of those ideas happened.

Great job on the course guys!