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It happened. It was a long day. We lost.

It was my first time out… Team was as follows:

Chrispy (Beau)
Mike (Madame)

We played 3 rounds of 9 holes (4 matches/points for each round). After those 3 rounds we were up 7-5.

Then we played 1 round of 18 holes ( 8 singles matches). And this is where we (me) could have did better, we lost 5-3 in that round.

So, we were tied 10-10 after all the matches. I was really upset and frustrated with my last match, could and should have won, I felt. So, I asked Beau to put me into the tie breaker. It was a sudden death format starting on hole 18. MTL picked Julien Quenville. We went through 6 sudden death playoffs holes until I went OB on the 6th hole from a bad lie.

I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about the day. It was my first Pelican, and I want that cup, very badly. It was a really fun day. But also very disappointing.

Great team members and great job by Beau and co-captains running the day.

That’s about it, I think…