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League Night May 2, 2019
Details for this evening
1) Course is drying out nicely and we did not get much rain over the past 24 hours. Rubber boots and/or waterproof footwear is recommended
2) Flood waters are almost all gone but the township is probably busy with the Ottawa river floods and they have not repaired or opened all the roads up. Johnston Rd, Boileau Rd, and Schnupp Rd are likely closed. Come around the back way via Roblillard Rd. to be safe(the paved way).
3) Burgers and beverages are on for tonight so bring some extra cash for that.

General Info:
Show up anytime this afternoon as Ardib will be around.
We will play best disc random draw doubles starting at 6:30 pm. Amount of holes will be TBD based on number and general conditions.
– $5 buy in plus $5 green fee’s for non pass holders
– $2 50/50 progressive ace pot (proceeds to Ettyville Super Spin events and course upgrades) Pot stands at $3.
-$40 season pass available (note: this is not a pass just to this league. This is a pass/membership to play the Super Spin for the season)
Hope to see you there.