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The Ottawa Tree-Oh Challenge was a three-player team disc golf tournament.  It consisted of three rounds of golf, each round with its own distinct format and strategies for the participants, as well as a series of "Skill Competitions".  The first round used a modified "Best Drive" format, with all three team members scoring three of their own drives in the round, and playing in a scramble format after the initial drive per hole.

The second round was similar to the first, with each member of a trio using three of their drives during the round.  The difference on this round was that the team had to use the "Worst Drive" offered by all three of their members.  Any one team member could only generate three drives, so when one person had registered three of the team's worst drives, the result of the second worst drive was used, and so on.

Between the second and third rounds, members from each team was involved in one of three "Skill Competitions".  There was an upwind drive contest for the "Big Arms" on each team, a difficult Mid-Range contest for shots closest to the tee, and an increasingly long Putting Competition.  Winners of each Skill Competition won a "Birdie" 2 result added onto their team score, while the second and third competitor earned "Par" 3 and "Bogie" 4 results for their teams.  All other participants were scored with a "Double Bogie" 5.  All three competitions were won by representatives of three different teams.  A good overall performance in the Skills Competition by Team Slice helped to create an exciting final playoff round.

On the final round, a true "Scramble" format was used, with all players playing each hole and throwing from their own disc placements.  Hole scores from all three players had to be registered three times each on this round, and the decision of which players result to take by hole had to be made at the end of each hole.  This made it especially tense on the final hole, as everyone knew whose result would be the only one that would count towards a teams total score.

As it turned out, there was a three way tie for first place after the three rounds of golf and the Skill Competitions.  The playoff format consisted of one randomly determined hole, with the total result of all three players combined and compared to one another.  The playoff hole turned out to be the 4th hole, and a huge birdie putt by Carl Visser clinched the title for High and Mighty over The Ultimate Tossers and Team Slice. The other two members of High and Mighty and the two runner-up teams all shot par-3 on the playoff hole.

  OTTAWA TREE-OH CHALLENGE 1999   1st Round 2nd Round   Skill Comps   3rd Round  Playoff   GRAND 
  Jacques Cartier Park North,
Hull, Quebec, July 31st, 1999
  (Best Drive) (Worst Drive)  Putt  Mid  Long  (Scramble) (Hole #4) TOTAL
1 High and Mighty  Ottawa, ON 28 (+1) 29 (+2) +2 0 -1 29 (+2) (-1) (+5)
   Rob Wormald, Carl Visser,
 Jeff Meldrum
=2 The Ultimate Tossers  Etobicoke, ON  27 (Par) 27 (Par) +2 -1 +2 30 (+3) (0) (+6)
   Paul Michel, Leo Michel,
 John Perry
=2 Team Slice  Ottawa, ON 28 (+1) 30 (+3) -1 +1 0 29 (+2) (0) (+6)
   Steve Seabrook, Sean Green,
 Mike Hall Jones
4 The Spinning Skybolts  Ottawa, ON 28 (+1) 30 (+3) 0 +2 +1 32 (+5)   (+12)
   Dean Manning, Carlos Vidosa,
 Luc Langelier
5 The Joint Sub Committee  Ottawa, ON 28 (+1) 32 (+5) +2 +2 +2 31 (+4)   (+16)
   Steve Selkirk, Geoff Lynch,
 Kevin Grignon
6 Big Daddy Discs  Ottawa, ON 30 (+3) 32 (+5) +1 +2 +2 31 (+4)   (+17)
   Geoffrey Penton, Alan Andree,
 Andrew Dill
7 The Ultimate Defectors  Ottawa, ON 38 (+11) 39 (+12) +2 +2 +2 47 (+20)   (+49)
   Dan Boivin, Marie Dupuis,
 Anne McGovern


The Spinning Skybolts on Hole #5  THE BIG ARM COMPETITION                   
 1st - Birdie   High and Mighty  Rob Wormald  (99 m upwind) 
 2nd - Par  Team Slice  Mike Hall-Jones   (88 m upwind) 
 3rd - Bogie  The Spinning Skybolts  Dean Manning  (86 m upwind) 
 Double Bogie   Big Daddy Discs  Alan Andree  
 Double Bogie   The Ultimate Defectors  Dan Boivin  
 Double Bogie   The Joint Sub-Committee   Geoff Lynch  
 Double Bogie   The Ultimate Tossers  Leo Michel  

The Joint Sub-Committee approach shot on Hole #5  MID-RANGE COMPETITION         
 1st - Birdie   The Ultimate Tossers  John Perry
 2nd - Par  High and Mighty  Carl Visser 
 3rd - Bogie  Team Slice  Steve Seabrook
 Double Bogie   The Ultimate Defectors  Marie Dupuis
 Double Bogie   The Spinning Skybolts   Luc Langelier
 Double Bogie   Big Daddy Discs  Geoffrey Penton
 Double Bogie   The Joint Sub-Committee  Steve Selkirk

The Ultimate Tossers putt out on Hole #4  PUTTING COMPETITION    
 1st - Birdie   Team Slice  Sean Green  (10 metres) 
 2nd - Par  The Spinning Skybolts  Carlos Vidosa   (8 metres) 
 3rd - Bogie  Big Daddy Discs  Andrew Dill  (7 metres, 7 putts) 
 Double Bogie   The Joint Sub-Committee  Kevin Grignon  
 Double Bogie   The Ultimate Defectors  Anne McGovern  
 Double Bogie   High and Mighty   Jeff Meldrum  
 Double Bogie   The Ultimate Tossers  Paul Michel  


More photos will be coming soon.

Hucking in the sun, with the Ottawa River in the background. The Second Hole at Jacques Cartier Park.  Here there be disc-eating dragons.  The falls are on the Ontario side, and are at the end of the Rideau River where it enters the Ottawa River. Well equipped disc golfer and member of The Joint Sub-Committee.

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