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last modified: June 4, 2009

This is a private course on the land of an ODGC member. There are regular events and "course open day" announcements throughout the year in the Forum. If you would like to play the course outside of regular events and "course open days", contact John Pytel in our Forum section.

Course Map

last modified: June 4, 2009

The course changes from mowing to mowing with various layouts and tee-pad configurations.


last modified: June 4, 2009

In order to get to the course use this online map or follow the method below.

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  1. Driving east on the 417, travel 16 km past Innes Rd to the Boundary rd exit. (exit # 96)
  2. Take Boundery Rd. North (i.e. turn left) for 2 km until you hit Russell Rd. You'll hit Russell Rd. at Carlsbad Springs.
  3. Turn right (east) onto Russell Road and follow this road for 25 km until you hit the town of Bourget. Bourget will be hard to miss. There is a flashing red light at the main intersection.
  4. Continue through Bourget. About 2 km after leaving Bourget (still on Russell) you will turn right onto Boileau Rd. Boileau is the second road you'll come to after leaving Bourget, after Schnupp Rd.
  5. Follow Boileau Rd. for about 2 km and make a left on Ettyville Road.
  6. The Pytel family farm will be 1.5 km up the road on your left (yellow house and white roofed .Coverall.). 3351 Ettyville Rd.
  7. Please use entrance in front of white Coverall and park to the East side (left side as you drive up) .

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