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Cleaning the Capital – Sunday, April 27th – Kanata DGC

The Ottawa Disc Golf Club will be participating in the Tim Hortons Cleaning the Capital, on Sunday April 27th, by cleaning up our disc golf course and ADOPTED PARK, Beaverbrook Park, Kanata.

Come out and demonstrate community pride by cleaning up our fairways, rough, and woods, “while enjoying the outdoors and ensuring that Ottawa stays clean, green, graffiti and litter-free.” (Cleaning the Capital)

We will have garbage and yard waste bags, and rakes. Bring your own pair of gloves.

We’ll start up at 0900 and go until Beaverbrook Park is shiny clean.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Disc Golf Tournament – May 25, 2014

On Sunday May 25th, at the Kanata Disc Golf Course, the ODGC will be hosting a disc golf tournament for the Big Brothers Big Sisters.

This free event will be about 3 hours (1/2 hour instructions/demo plus about 2 hours of play). It will be alternating shot (big/little). Volunteers will be on hand to assist. The event will start at 1pm.

The ODGC will provide all the necessary equipment, and participants should wear appropriate footwear and clothing for walking and throwing discs in a park.

For more info, please contact Mike McCormick (miknic_AT_rogers_DOT_com)

When will Winter let Spring out to play?


2014 ODGC Events and Tournaments

Ice Bowl – Kanata Disc Golf Course, Saturday, February 8

ODGC Annual General Meeting – Thursday, March 27, – Local Heroes, 1400 Clyde Avenue, 7:00pm – 10:00 pm

Camp Fortune Install – Saturday, April 19
The King of the Oonie – Kanata Disc Golf Course, Sunday, April 27

Mudslide – Alcove Disc Golf Course (Private Course) – Sunday, May 4
The GOAT - Camp Fortune Disc Golf Course – Saturday, May 24

Members Only Doubles
Ettyville Championships – Ettyville Super Spin Disc Golf Course (Private Course) – Saturday, June 14

Mountain Championship – Mountain Disc Golf Course (Private Course) Saturday, July 5
Pelican – Ettyville Super Spin DGC Saturday, July 12
Capital Classic – Camp Fortune DGC, Saturday, July 26 and Sunday, July 27

The Outaouais Open – Camp Fortune DGC, Saturday, August 23

Kanata Ace Race
The Plaid Jacket

Falling Colours – Camp Fortune DGC, Saturday, October 4th
LNF - LNFCF DGC, Saturday, October 18

Ottawa Match Play League – April to October
TOSS - Tuesdays, May to September
Thursday Night Recreation – Thursdays, July and August

AGM 2014 – Thursday, March 27, 2014

Learn more about the Club, voice concerns, and get involved in managing the growth of disc golf in the Ottawa community.

Everyone who plays disc golf in Ottawa is welcome.

Thursday, March 27, 2014, 6:30pm. Meeting to start at 7. Finish by 10.

Local Heroes Bar & Grill, Nepean – 1400 Clyde Ave.

Ice Bowl XIII

Great work, Ottawa disc golfers!


The 13th Annual Ottawa Ice Bowl Tournament

Since 2002, the intrepid disc golfers of the Nation’s Capital have been braving the winter elements in support of the Ottawa Food Bank. The 13th annual Ottawa Ice Bowl disc golf tournament will take place on February 8th, 2014 at the Kanata Disc Golf Course in Beaverbrook Park, Kanata. Ribbon your discs, throw on a parka and come join us and help a great cause.


Ice Bowl information and chatter.

Winter Disc Golf


Disc golf in the winter you say? It’s snow joke.

Every Saturday, from November until February, disc golfers of all ages and skill, will be throwing ribboned-frisbees on some of the best courses in the National Capital Region. It’s a great way to get out and enjoy the colder months, stay in form for the summer season, and to help out the Ottawa Food Bank.

This year marks the 13th Annual Ottawa Ice Bowl which will be held at the Kanata Disc Golf Course, on February 8th, 2014. The ODGC, through the Ice Bowl and Ice League, has been raising money and food for the Food Bank for 13 years.

The start times and locations for Ice League vary, so be sure to check the schedule that is updated on a regular basis here;

Ice League Schedule

More information regarding the detail of Ice League can be found here;

Ice League Information

Town Hall

What - An ODGC Town Hall Meeting

A town hall meeting is an informal public meeting that gives the members of a community an opportunity to get together to discuss emerging issues and to voice concerns and preferences for their community. A typical meeting is attended by both citizens and officials, giving everyone a chance to talk personally in a relaxed environment about the things which matter to them. Typically, the organization and leadership are minimal, encouraging people to settle their differences amicably and with help from friends.” (

When - November 19, 2013 – 6pm-9pm

Where - Local Heroes Meeting Room, 1400 Clyde Ave, Ottawa

Why - The ODGC has just completed its first term for elected board members. A new president will be chosen in the coming months and there are issues and developments, that are best discussed in person so everyone is on the same page. A town hall will allow members to express their thoughts and opinions on disc golf matters in the region and outside.

Who - All members and interested parties are invited.

Fall Elections

Are you interested in contributing to decision making with respect to disc golf in the Ottawa area? Then why not consider running for the board of directors of the Ottawa Disc Golf Club?

The 2013 fall elections are on the horizon and there will be three positions up for election.

The procedure will be similar (if not the same) as last year’s elections with only the timelines changing.

Make a difference in your disc golf community.


The Ottawa Disc Golf Club is dedicated to delivering a world class disc golf experience to its members and promoting the sport of disc golf within the National Capital Region.

Recent Members


The members of the Association Disc Golf Montral, who have shown large support for disc golf in Ottawa, have their own club in Montral. For more information about disc golf in Montral, or how you can help, go to their website.