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PostPosted: Thu Jun 08, 2006 10:29 pm    Post subject: FAQ:Calculating Handicaps: Player Profile for Mike McCormick Reply with quote

A few people have asked me how TOSS handicaps are calculated. Using one TOSS participant as an example, I hope to answer a few questions that people may have.

Player profile: Mike "Luke, I am your father" McCormick

Why Mike McCormick? Well, why not? He's managed to school so many of us at one time or another, so he seemed like a good candidate! wink

Mike has been to the last two TOSS events, he participated in the advanced division World's Biggest Disc Golf Tournament 2006, and he participated in one of the 2005 League Night events involving singles play. As such, Mike has five rounds on record for which he earned a "differential" which is used to calculate his handicap. Let's have a look at the numbers.
Here is Mike's player record:

Last First Score C H Slope Diff Score C H Slope Diff Score C H Slope Diff Score C H Slope Diff Score C H Slope Diff
McCormick Mike 60 45.0 113.0 15.0 52 37.1 145.3 19.2 56 40.1 113 15.9 59 43.5 113 15.5 57 43.5 113 13.5

It's alot of numbers, but briefly, Mike played his 2005 League Night singles round from the yellow teepads, and scored a 60. The "course handicap" for JCP's old yellow layout was 45.0. The "slope" associated with a course is a stretch factor designed to give shorter courses easier ratings, and is a ratio of 113. We aren't using slope calculations in determining our handicaps (well, almost), so the old yellow course slope is 113 by default. The differential (identified as Diff) is the difference between Mike's score and the course handicap, which for his round last year, was 15.0. His second round was played at Camp Fortune for TOSS week 4. Since this was an abbreviated round of only 14 holes, a slope score was used to "stretch" all differentials calculated that week to 18 holes from the 14 holes played (113*18/14=145.3). His differential that day was a 19.2. The next two scores on this record are from the World's Biggest disc golf tournament, where he shot 56 from the blues (course handicap of 40.1) and 59 from the yellows (course handicap of 43.5). At TOSS week 5, Mike shot a 57 from the yellow teepads at Jacques Cartier Park.

Now, ideally, Mike's score would be the average of 50% of his best differentials, but this is only realized once he has 20 rounds on record. Until that time, a smaller percentage of his best rounds are used. Players with 3-4 rounds have their handicap based on their best score (the smaller percentage is used to keep "sandbaggers" from playing poor rounds upfront in order to give themselves a larger handicap and a better chance at cashing with a low net score). Mike has 5 rounds on record, so the average of his two best rounds, rounded down to the nearest whole number is used to calculate his handicap (players with six rounds have their two best differentials averaged out as well). Mike's two best rounds are:
13.5 (from his round at TOSS week 5), and 15.0 (from his 2005 League Night round). The mean (average) is 14.25, which is rounded down (handicaps are ALWAYS rounded down, never rounded up) to 14.

Every player with a handicap has a record similar in depth to Mike's.

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