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PostPosted: Sat Jan 27, 2001 2:27 pm    Post subject: 18 Reasons to Love d.g. Reply with quote

We need to submit an article to the first TOUR. I've had a quick run at this, but I need some other warped minds working on it. Maybe we do a straight list, and a bent one. Anyway, I feel many of these are kinda lame, so see if you can spice 'em up a bit.

Eighteen Reasons to Love Disc Golf in Ottawa

1. This spring, 6 more holes will go up in Jacques Cartier Park, bringing the total to 18.
2. No matter how bad you may be, there's always someone worse.
3. Every round you'll have at least one beautiful throw that will inspire you enough to come out again.
4. There is no d.
5. If you play often enough, you'll eventually get a hole-in-one.
6. When you do, you'll be the best player in the world for that shining moment.
7. On the next hole, you'll likely get a bogie.
8. Slags are more effective in d.g. than they are in Ultimate.
9. Ultimate player Rob Wormald is selling golf discs in his two CD Exchange stores.
10. It's free.
11. There's no dress code (except for Gavin).
12. There are no foot blocks, strips, stall counts or picks.
13. You can play #5 over and over again until you get a gimme birdie.
14. In just three years, disc golf has grown into a permanent fixture in Ottawa, with a growing club, sponsors, tournaments and more and more players every season.
15. You can still play with a shredded knee (or a broken foot-see Jurassic Jack).
16. Ibuprofen won't help your game.
17. Running is counter to the spirit of the game.
18. You'll never have to sing or recite poetry to your opponents.

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