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Paul Bourgeois
ODGC Tuesday Night Coordinator

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PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2006 1:23 pm    Post subject: Heads-Up! You Don't Want To Miss Out... Reply with quote

ODGC Tuesday night regulars, take note:
Members of the ODGC that have participated in at least six (6) regular TOSS events have something else to look forward to.

What is it?
Stay tuned for more details, but here's a hint: Think League Night Finals.
Still not enough information for you? Here's another hint:
Your regular appearance on Tuesdays has allowed us to gather a large enough sample of results which characterize your game over the course of the season. We'll be recognizing performance in three categories. In two of these categories, only the results of your TOSS season will be considered. The third category will utilize your current player handicap. Here's some advice for everyone: Shoot well in week 18!

I don't need six Tuesday night appearances to play in League Night finals, right?
That is correct. You need not have made an appearance to any Tuesday night event to play in League Night Finals 2006. League Night Finals details are here: League Night Finals. You won't want to miss this event under any circumstances.

What is League Night Finals? Why can't I read the League Night Finals link?
League Night Finals is a special event open only to ODGC members. Ask anyone that has played in this tournament what it is all about, and you'll get one answer: Don't miss it! If you can't read the link, it's either because a) you are not a member of the ODGC (you are invited to browse this LNF Overview) or b) if you are a member, our site administrator does not know what your forum handle is. Send them a private message to gain access to our "Members Only" forum.

Why do I need to play in six TOSS events to be eligable for this "season extra"?
If you made it out to six events, you helped to make Tuesday nights a "League" this season. It also provides us with a sample of scores that is large enough to meaningfully characterize your game over the course of the season. Six events is just one appearance for every three weeks of the season. Your regular participation made Tuesdays what they are, now TOSS is going to give something back.

Do I have a chance to win anything?
In golf, seldom does one "win" something; you have to earn it. In handicap-adjusted golf, measures are taken to level the playing field with the result that players performing ahead of their historical norms receive the recognition that they have earned. In this spirit, every eligible player (someone with at least six 2006 TOSS scores) that comes to League Night Finals will have a chance to win something. If you want to win, though, you'll have to earn it.

Okay, I've figured it out. There is going to be a handicapped score format at League Night Finals. But doesn't the course play a big role in this sort of thing?
The course plays a role all right. You have to beat it. Your handicap determines how many mistakes you can make relative to the other handicapped players in order to turn in the best adjusted round, or better put, it tells you how many times you can lay-up a shot for a good score rather than "going for it" to try and get a great score. On a short course (JCP Blue, for instance), players with higher handicaps may have a slight advantage over lower handicapped players, because the opportunities to make errors are fewer, and they tend to have less consequence. On longer courses, the lower handicapped players will tend to shine, especially if one errant shot can lead to the requirement to throw recovery shots just to get back into play. The course layout at LNF is excellent. There are a good mix of par 3 and par 4 holes, and a couple of genuine par 5's thrown in the mix to keep you thinking about your next shot. The hole design is almost unparalleled in terms of risk / reward, and if you show-up ready to play golf (and not hero golf), you will find that there isn't a hole that will hurt you, provided you play it according to your ability. Remember, you can use your handicap to your advantage. This course will allow you to do it and to squeeze every stroke out of your round. Everyone plays the same course. On this course, the player that recognizes their limitations and knows when to play smart is the one that will win the adjusted round.

I have a player handicap, so why am I not eligible for an adjusted-score format unless I’ve played six rounds?
This end-of-season bonus is a thank-you for those players that participated regularly in TOSS events over the fair-weather season. We appreciate your participation on Tuesdays and at other ODGC events, but to be eligible for this award, you had to make it to just one-in-three Tuesday night events. Players that did so made this a league. It can be difficult to make room in one’s schedule for this sort of thing, but those that did deserve this special recognition. We hope that you can make it out more often next season, and we look forward to an even broader field of Tuesday (and Thursday) night regulars. We also look forward to seeing you at League Night Finals, since this really is one of the most rewarding disc golf experiences of the season, all bonuses aside. Even though you may not be eligible for the TOSS bonus, you will enjoy the course, and the tournament in general.

So how will these LNF adjusted rounds work?
LNF is a two-round event and it will feature some excellent disc golf. Players eligible for the TOSS extra will play the LNF course normally, but each of their rounds will be adjusted by their current player handicap. When the tournament is over, your adjusted score for each round is then added together, and the player with the lowest cumulative adjusted score after both rounds will be declared the winner.

It happens quite frequently that players will tie when their scores are adjusted. What if there is a tie for first place?
If there is a tie for low adjusted score after both rounds, the final round adjusted score will be used as the tie-breaker, with the player scoring the lowest second-round adjusted score being declared the winner. If there is still a tie (because players shot identical first and second round adjusted scores), the raw differential average will be used to recalculate the scores between the tied players (your raw differential average is your player handicap before it is rounded down to the nearest whole number). In the exceedingly unlikely event that two players remain tied after all of this (the odds of this happening are about as likely as a person experiencing a shark attack while skating on the canal), a coin toss will be used to determine the winner.

Okay, now that I understand what is going on, what exactly am I going to be able to win?
You’ll have to come to League Night Finals and see for yourself.

Questions about this? PM me and I'll include appropriate clarification in this thread as a FAQ.

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Paul Bourgeois
ODGC Tuesday Night Coordinator

Joined: 21 Aug 2005
Posts: 1687
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

PostPosted: Mon Aug 28, 2006 9:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

So, who has been to six or more Tuesday night events?

As of the end of the Tuesday night season, the following players have been to six or more events:

Bourgeois Paul
Dobrev Stefan
Doucette Dan
Lane Don
Lariviere Jeff
Leach Andrew
Leslie Robyne
Meldrum Jeff
Myre Stephane
Pengelly Arthur
Pengelly Dawn
Penton Geoff
Rancourt Marc
Reitlingshoefer Claus
Schnobb Gavin
Svetkoff Ben
Vinet Eric
Visser Carl
Wormald Rob

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Paul Bourgeois
ODGC Tuesday Night Coordinator

Joined: 21 Aug 2005
Posts: 1687
Location: Ottawa, Ontario

PostPosted: Fri Oct 13, 2006 9:36 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The following are the player handicaps for those players in the running for the TOSS season finale which will be taking place at tomorrow's League Night Finals event:

Last First Handicap
Bourgeois Paul 14
Dobrev Stefan 4
Doucette Dan 14
Lane Don 10
Lariviere Jeff 13
Leach Andrew 12
Leslie Robyne 22
Myre Stephane 18
Pengelly Arthur 10
Pengelly Dawn 16
Penton Geoff 7
Rancourt Marc 8
Reitlingshoefer Claus 8
Schnobb Gavin 14
Svetkoff Ben 14
Vinet Eric 9
Visser Carl 8
Wormald Rob 5

Good luck, everyone!
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