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PostPosted: Thu Apr 14, 2011 11:28 am    Post subject: Mudslide Cards and Tee Times Reply with quote

Here are the initial cards and tee times. We are all starting at #1. If you get slowed down by the card in front of you please walk back and spot in the card behind you.

Please use the 3 minute rule for searching for discs. I know it sucks to take a penalty for a lost disc but running out of daylight sucks more.

Please use spotters where the map indicates. I will have maps for everyone with me that day.

Please don't be late. As you can see below, I am the first card off, so I am back to collect cards and do the math at lunch. Please be there early so you are ready to go. Being a staggered start we really have to respect times.

Once the entire card in front of you walks through the fence on #1 you may tee off.

And the Cards and times

8:30 - Thumber, Deuce, Ben

8:40 - Penton, Andros, Don

8:50 - Cyle, Holly, McMike, Mark

9:00 - Claus, Brother Andre, OMR

9:10 - Rolly, Gavin, Jess

9:20 - Stace, Spike, Darko

I hope the 920 card will be back in just after 1:00. We will be teeing off the second round 45 minutes after the last card comes in. Short turn around and sorry if it gives you little time for lunch. Just the way this cookie crumbles.

For the second round we will be cards of 4 instead of 3 (except one card of 3 ams). Ams will go out first followed by Card 3 of the open, then card 2 and the top card will tee off last.

If you want more time for lunch, make sure you are on one of the top cards lol.

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