Ottawa Disc Golf Club

Ladder Matches

Reporting Matches

  • To report a match send an e-mail to colin with the subject line starting with "Ladder":
        e.g. LADDER - Harley defeats Lane, Apr-22 at 18:20
  • Scores are optional. So if you want your match listed with the scores, send it like this:
        May 08 18:00: Pierre-Olivier Picard (+7) defeats Eric Charbonneau (+12)
  • Please try and include a rough idea of the time of the match.  It may make a difference if the same person
        completes more then one challenge in a day.


  • A challenge lost cannot be re-challenged until 24 hours have passed.
  • Please try to arrange matches ahead of time.
  • A challenge can be made with anyone up to 10 positions higher than you.
  • There are no strokes given because of ladder position differences.
  • The default course shall be blue tees at Jacques Cartier Park.
  • The Players Clause: If BOTH PLAYERS AGREE any of the above rules can be modified or ignored.


  • If you are in the ladder, and want to challenge someone but you don't know their e-mail address, just ask me and I will send it to you.
  • Several people have given permission to add their e-mail addresses and/or instant messenger addresses. If you want more ladders matches, please send me your permission to add your info to this page.
  • New players are listed at the bottom of the ladder in the order they register.
  • If the lower ranked challenger wins, they move to the place occupied by the higher ordered player.
  • This person moves down one place, which results in inactive players slowly being filtered to the bottom.
  • If the higher ordered player wins, then the ladder order does not change.
  • In the Regular Season, from May 1 - Oct. 31, if a player in one of the top-10 positions does not play a round for three weeks, they are moved down to #11.
  • A player can request to be moved to Inactive Status if they will not be able to play any matches for a significant period of time.
  • Winning percentage stat covers the period from the start of the ladder to the current day
  • Any disputes or problems will be solved by flipping discs.

Resources Index


  1. Marc Rancourt
  2. Geoff Penton
  3. Stefan Dobrev
  4. Carl Visser
  5. Claus Reitlinshoefer
  6. Rob Wormald
  7. Jeff Meldrum
  8. Arthur Pengelly
  9. Ben Svetkoff
  10. Eric Vinet
  11. Paul Bourgeois
  12. Don Lane
  13. Jeff Larivière
  14. Andrew Leach
  15. Mike McCormick
  16. Chris Burgoin
  17. Gavin Schnobb
  18. Stephane Myre
  19. Dan Doucette
  20. Craig Pinches
  21. Dawn Pengelly
  22. Geoff Rowland
  23. James Heginbottom
  24. Ryan Penton
  25. Ray Farquhar
  26. Rod Nicholls
  27. Colin McDonald
  28. Mike Holden
  29. Jay Rhoades
  30. Chris Penton
  31. Ben Wright
  32. Pierre Légaré
  33. Serge Séguin
  34. Paul Holland
  35. Mike McLaughlin
  36. Jason Lepack
  37. Kevin Grignon
  38. Jean Merizzi
  39. Pierre-Olivier Picard
  40. Eric Charbonneau
  41. Stacie Sivyer
  42. Brett Stott
  43. Robyne Leslie