Ottawa Disc Golf Club

Ottawa Disc Golf Club

ODGC Membership

The ODGC provides you with a way to support Disc Golf in your local community. Although you can play at the public courses without paying any fees, it is strongly encouraged that regulars join the ODGC. This helps with annual maintenance costs and allows us to print new signage, scorecards, and promotional material, as well as to host our tournaments and purchase new baskets for ongoing expansion and sport demonstration projects.

Membership Benefits

  • Discounts on ODGC event entry fees (league, tournaments, skills clinics, etc.)
  • 10% discount at the Ultimate Disc Golf Store
  • Entry to selected areas of the forums
  • A chance to win an $Ace Pot$ at weekly league
  • Access to club baskets and discs
  • Club library
  • Fantastic fellow club members

Membership Costs


How do I get a Membership?

You can give the money to any ODGC Executive at any event. League nights are the most frequent and probably the easiest way to find an executive.

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